Getting started with Facebook advertising


Getting started

There is so much hype around at the moment saying that Facebook is the best thing for small business since Google Advertising came out. It’s all true, however you have to attach it in the the right way.

This post is design to give you 3 simple rules to follow to kick start your Facebook advertising adventure!

1) Start slow and scale up

The first step when setting up your Facebook advertising account and advertising is to test and test on a small group of prospective customers.

Starting small means that you can test all of the variables involved, for example:

  • Your targeting such as interests, geography, age ranges etc.
  • Your ad content, the words, pictures and the links used in your ads
  • Your ad image or video, the most important part of the ad
  • The location that your visitors go to

Once you’ve been able to test that these factors are working well, that’s the point that you want to scale up your advertising. You’ll also know what you acquisition cost is before spending larger amounts on advertising.

2) Boost a post

Boosting a post is the simplest way of promoting your business of Facebook. Expanding the reach of a traditional post to be seen by more of your audience and friends of your audience makes it less targeted but a great way to be able to gauge the response of that post. If it works well you can then take this into other areas that you can target more specifically.

3) Be relevant and add value

While every business wants a sale, Facebook wants to add value to it’s users. Generally speaking, people don’t like to interrupt their day to be sold to. Facebook realises this and will treat adverts more favourably by showing them more often the more it’s user engage with your ads.

You might be thinking how do I do that? Well, provide value by linking them to a blog post, infographic, download, or some other useful information that you have on your website.

Conclusion and next steps

In summation of our 3 points to Facebook advertising success, the formula is very similar to using Facebook in general, but by using the advertising within Facebook you can amplify the reach of your message significantly.

Need more help getting started?

We’re running a Facebook Advertising Masterclass at our offices on 11th September where we’ll walk you through setting up your very first ad campaign before you leave us. Take a look at the full course information and book your place. We really look forward to seeing you there.

Carl Barlow

Director of Digital Eyes Media, with a passion for promoting businesses online. My super power is demystifying tech speak into something that business owners can understand easily and take action with.
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