Every superhero is born from the flames of desire…

A bit OTT? Well, we like to think so!

Founded in 2012 by Carl Barlow and Nikki Patel, Digital Eyes Media was forged out of a passion to champion businesses to become successful online by creating a strong digital presence with profitable results.

Superheroes possess extraordinary talents, powers or abilities
As a team, our superpower is the ability to truly understand your business so that we can create a digital marketing strategy tailored to meet your needs. Every member of staff has been chosen for their incredible skills and ambition to be a champion in their field.

How we weave our magic

“Delivering the ultimate in full digital marketing services, proven and results driven. Quite frankly, we make (sh)it happen online!”
Our ethos and core values are just what you’d expect from a gregarious bunch of superheroes…
  • Extraordinary powers and abilities – powerful, practical and emotionally targeted solutions for maximising digital growth
  • Meticulous Risk takers – passionate and driven by success, we’re up for any challenge
  • Strong transparent moral code – an open and honest approach to business, working with clients we know, like and trust
  • Superhero gadgets – we embrace innovation and the latest technologies in order to deliver value and enhance results
  • Defenders of your uniqueness – calculated and specific you’ll be a cut above your competition
  • True identity –our reputation is built on outstanding heroic quality and a loyal client base

Meet Team

Carl Barlow

Their superhero? Professor X Carl is digital marketing guru and can be found concocting simply awesome marketing strategies for our customers or managing the web development team. His years of experience in digital marketing and web design make him an indispensable part of the team, though admittedly he’s not much of a morning person! Carl’s favourite superhero is Professor X, the founder of the X-Men and a powerful telepath who can read and control minds. Passionate about the effective transmission of information, Carl channels the professor’s mutant power to understand the thought process of your target audience and communicate the perfect marketing message.

Abbi Walker

Their superhero? Black Widow Abbi has probably the friendliest job at Digital Eyes Media, and thanks to a masters degree in Psychology there’s not a lot she doesn’t know about people. Abbi is responsible for our clients’ social media accounts and is a boffin at engaging, forging targeted relationships and just ‘getting’ social selling. This involves lots of chatting with new people (which she loves), scouring the furthest corners of the internet for awesome and interesting content, and staying on top of industry-relevant news. She excels in being able to turn faceless company accounts into living, breathing entities that are interesting and engaging. A sucker for a good story, when Abbi’s not at work she can usually be found with her head in a book or watching a film. Her alter-ego would be the Black Widow – extraordinarily intelligent, savvy, and a master strategist. Abbi’s fantasy superpower is the ability to read minds or a silver tongue, giving her the ability to convince anyone of anything. Two powers perfect for any marketer!

Jody Nesbitt

TTheir superhero? Deadpool Jody is here to ensure that our systems work the way they should. Ensuring your websites stay live is our number one priority. Jody also takes care of back end development and ongoing maintenance. Having a core WordPress developer in our team means we can do most of the stuff that creates awesome projects for you in house, meaning faster turnaround and also ensuring we keep costs affordable as we don’t need to outsource our development schedules. Jody is also able to speak to you in plain English so as you can see exactly where we are with your projects and have an active role in ensuring its going where you need it to be.

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