Pick n Mix

Stuck in a bit of an Anglo Bubbly Fizzer when it comes to online marketing?

If you feel completely befuddled with E-Commerce, utterly baffled with email marketing, or downright stumped when it comes to social media…procrastinate no more. BOOM – we’ve found a solution that will 100% work for your business. It’s a unique solution that offers choice and flexibility as standard, backed by trusted expertise. It’s the Digital Eyes Media Pick and Mix secret service set to vanquish your digital turmoil for good!

You get to choose from a tried and tested selection of uber-tastic targeted digital marketing methods – we call these your unique business ‘credits’ – alongside expert guidance. This will not only ensure that time and money is invested wisely but also that your annual marketing strategy and business plan is focussed to bring you one hell of a kick-ass return on investment. What’s more, credits start at just £95 per month.

Choose From:

  • Website Services
  • Social Media Services
  • SEO Services
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Campaign Services
  • Content Services
  • Training
  • Reporting Services
  • Expert Advice

What you get for free:

  • 2 hour planning session to plan your first 6 months of services with our expert advice.
  • Commitment of just 6 months then rolling month on month.
  • 1 SOS call per month with one of our experts to pick up anything urgent during the month.
  • Quarterly review of progress

Credit Bands

  • 1-5 credits per month – £95 per credit.
  • 6-15 credits per month – £90 per credit.
  • 16 or more credits per month – £85 per credit.

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