How to use Social Media to Boost SEO

Here at Digital Eyes Media towers we always talk about the value of Social Media in building your brand and helping to develop your relationships with your customers. One thing that we ensure is that our clients never overlook the SEO ‘boost’ that good quality social media use can give your website.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the practice (although Carl calls it an art!) of making that amazingly cool looking website of yours attractive to search engines. Where do your customers search for the products or services you provide?

All together now….Search engines!

Just because you have a beautiful looking website with pretty pictures and videos do you think Google or Bing put you up on their first page? (or even the second or third?) Unfortunately not.

So what do Search Engines look for? Well, in truth, they look for a lot of things and they’re updating all the time, but two of the most important things they look for which you can easily influence are the phrases and key words you use in your website copy and quality links to your website.

Because the search engines are also looking for what is relevant at the time of a search the clever people programming fancy search algorithms also look for trends in what people are talking about or sharing on social networks (i.e. your blog, pics or web links).

To ensure you’re getting maximum exposure on the social networks, make the most of your profile space when completing the bio or about us information. Put a link to your homepage in there and include keywords about your business in your profile. These keywords should be words your customers might search for. If you’re a Spanish restaurant in Muswell Hill make sure you say so!

Make sure you post to your chosen Social Media profiles(s) regularly. If the account is left idol it won’t be as valuable as one which is active. When you post, make sure you include links back to your main website. Again, make sure you incorporate good SEO keywords in your copy – even in something as short as a tweet. These references positively impact search engines’ rating of the quality of the site and the links on it. Some platforms will allow the use of ‘anchor text’ as part of your link, which can be a useful way of getting in words which don’t fit in easily with your copy.
If you’re running a blog on a site such as blogspot or word press and managing to update it regularly it will definitely help your SEO. However, you might want to think about incorporating the blog into your website. Search engines would then view your main website as being regularly updated which could provide a better outcome in SEO terms (especially if you have people engaging with you in the comments too!)

Use content that is shareable. Try to include content that people will want to download, retweet,or share with their friends. This multiplies your links and repeats the key words you want to associate your business with. For example, if you’re an interior designer, make sure you’ve lots of inspirational photos available. If you can make videos to represent any aspect of what you do, it’s well worth doing. Use key words in your video title and again in the accompanying text.

Again, use anchor text wherever you can so that you can associate key phrases with your brand.

We’re currently arranging online marketing training courses for people who want to find out more about Social SEO.

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