15 easy website hacks

Online Marketing - February 13, 2015 - Comments: 0
15 easy website hacks

A cheat sheet for turning your website into a cash machine Most people that we meet seem to have the same question that they want answered, “why is my website not working?”. It’s usually REALLY simple to fix and this post is an extract of our “31 easy website hacks: A cheat sheet for turning your … Read More

Here’s how you white list an email address in Gmail (and others)

Misc - December 10, 2014 - Comments: 0

It’s really simple in Google to white list an email account 1) go to your email inbox in Google and find an email from Digital Eyes Media 2) simply drag the email into the primary mailbox, see below You will see a confirmation box at the top of the page asking if you want to send … Read More

Magic! How to get £4,000 from £2,000….

News - May 24, 2014 - Comments: 0

We all know as business owners that there are always things that you can spend money on to generate new business leads, increase your share of voice and generally promote your business. Be that using PR, social media, SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Newspaper ads, radio advertising, or any other method that you can think … Read More

Sew the seeds of good marketing…and watch your business bloom

Online Marketing - March 25, 2014 - Comments: 0

I once visited an old friend who I hadn’t seen for a number of years. Since our last meeting he had retired and moved to a rural property with a huge plot of land at the back. As I wandered around the old Victorian pad, he revealed that gardening had become his obsession and he … Read More