Angry Birds your way to more sales

Surely most of the planet has now played, or at least seen Angry Birds, right? For the purpose of this post I will assume you know what it is and you’ve not been living in the online wilderness for the last 5 years! Since it’s release in 2009 for iOS, it gone on to become a multi million pounds franchise worldwide and with more than 1.7 billion downloads in total (thats more than 1 game of Angry Birds for the whole of China). It’s also considered one of the most successful games ever made, but why, and how can it help my business?

  • Did Rovio break boundaries with amazing graphics?
  • Was there a huge advertising budget to promote the release?
  • Surely there was a super celebrity endorsement to get it off the ground?
  • But there was a huge budget to make it though, wasn’t there?

The real answer is no, it was cheap (in gaming terms) at less than £90,000 to create with no real launch to speak of, no endorsements or large scale advertising. Keep with me on this one, it’s worth it…..

Why is it so successful? 

There is one very simple answer to that, they knew their market and what their customer wanted. The boffins at Rovio understood that their potential customers wanted a game that was affordable, just 69 pence in fact. Something simple to play, without needing to read a manual first and finally, but most importantly, keep users coming back to play. Sounds simple when you put it like that doesn’t it?

How can Angry Birds help my business?

A relatively new phrase that you may be less familiar with is ‘gamification‘ (even my spell check doesn’t recognise it!). All that it really means is using gaming style incentives to reward customers/users/visitors etc in a way similar to how they would be in a computer game.

In Angry Birds, gamification is the reason people return to the game, time after time after time. They are rewarded for coming back, for playing lots of games, for hitting lots of piggies and for many other things within the game. Is the reward financial? Does it cost the creator money every time a user is rewarded? Of course not, their users simply love feeling loved by the game and its creators by getting medals, collecting stars, unlocking new birds with special powers, access to extra bonus levels. However should a user not come back for a while, what happens then? They get reminded to come back to play and what they’re missing out on through notifications, or email updates, or maybe a reminder from a friend so see if they’ve completed the latest level.

Why is this important for me?

There are some key points that can be transferred to any business, big or small, which are:

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  • Understanding your customer or potential customer is the cornerstone of every business
  • Rewarding loyalty no matter how small or seemingly insignificant can have a massive impact
  • Customers love to feel loved, are you showing your customers that you care?
  • Reminding customers you’re there and why they should come back and do businesses with you. It’s your job to remind them to do business with you again, not theirs to remember your business exists

How can you gamify your business so that your customers love to do business with you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or how you’ve used this technique to generate more business.

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Carl Barlow

Director of Digital Eyes Media, with a passion for promoting businesses online. My super power is demystifying tech speak into something that business owners can understand easily and take action with.
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